We are not on fire *UPDATE*

Yes we can see the flames, yes the sun has been blocked out by smoke, yes it's lightly snowing ash and yes we have no power. But the fire is a good five or six miles east of us so please don't worry. Mostly it just sucks that we have no TV…

7/03/08: Power came back on at (for good, not just for a minute or two, which it was doing for a while) at 11:30 last night. This morning there is definitely some sun. Here's a picture Jeff took yesterday afternoon from Cathedral Oaks.

2 thoughts on “We are not on fire *UPDATE*”

  1. Thanks for the update. Sorry about the electricity. The “news” said all the electricity is expected to be restored today. Keep us posted 🙂 Love to the 3 of you. Dad and Mom


  2. Jayne get the Hell out of dodge!!! 5-6 miles is nothing in a fire. Kevin’s brother – the fireman said this uh and duh I work for the National Guard we’re telling people to leave, just take vacation and any basic necessities – they’ve activitated lots of us. They said it can be sometime before this firestorm is over – please don’t take a chance.


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