Did I mention I have a son named Kurt?

Kurt saw his least favorite person in the world last week: his pediatrician. We like her, of course, but Kurt basically cries at the sight of her, and I have no explanation for this other than the fact that she always sticks him with needles when he sees her. (But he has no episodic memory, right?) Anyway, there is no way to convince this woman what a sweet little boy we have. She also has a hard time telling us anything medically other than his heart is beating, because you can't properly auscultate a person's chest with a stethoscope when he's screaming his head off.

Other than the fact that he has a heartbeat, we found out Kurt is currently 17 pounds 10 ounces and 26 and 1/4 inches tall, which is 50th percentile in both cases. (My son, he's so average!) His head is 43 cm, which remains 25th percentile. So he hasn't really gained any weight this month, but not for lack of trying, as he is as fond of milk as ever. Who would have guessed an all liquid diet could almost triple your weight in six months? He still hasn't been sick as far as we can tell, and yes I'm aware of what I've just done to us by typing those words. (May he never be sick, knock knock, pinch of salt, etc. Flu season will come back eventually.)

She asked how the solid food is coming, and I laughed, because he is just not that into it, but we try every day. With my friend Jessica as an inspiration, I brought home some banana baby food, which I think is delicious, plopped him into his high chair and said, "Baby, this is going to rock your little world." The first spoonful gave me the first look of genuine disgust I have ever seen on any baby's face, ever. I finished the jar. Bottom line: he takes a few bites of cereal, tries in vain to eat his bib, and twenty minutes later downs a bottle.

Jeff says I underplayed Kurt's accomplishments to the doctor, and he's probably right. He is not an impressive roller, but it does happen now and then, usually tummy to back. She asked me if he was sitting up yet and I said no. But in my mind, sitting up means sitting up unassisted for any length of time. He can stay up for maybe thirty seconds or so if you sit him up, and with just a little bit of steadying he can sit up for minutes before he gets antsy.

(He fell over six seconds after the above photo was taken.)

His hobbies currently include grabbing things, especially my coffee mug, glasses, noses, lips, anything on a table in a restaurant, anything to which you might be paying attention, and the cats.

But nothing brings him happiness like bouncing. Put him on your knee and he will not stop. It was while the doctor was watching a demonstration of this that she commented that his less than impressive weight gain is easily explained. "Wow," I believe her words were. "He is really active." Oh yes he is. On yet more advice of Amy Rueter, who also recommended what has rapidly become my favorite carrier, we bought a baby bungee bouncer. Awesome! Its appearance prompted Jeff to sing a selection from Pinocchio.
The doctor also said he was 99th percentile in cute. Well, okay, I said that. I'm just estimating, of course. But I stand by it!!

1 thought on “Did I mention I have a son named Kurt?”

  1. hi, listen EVERYTHING happens at just the right time. one of theese days he will roll over into the kitchen,make himself a sandwich.he is in the 100 percentile of cute.love you guys-janet


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