Of rice ceral and feline equilibrium

I have had a lazy week in the Niehaus house. As this was my first week of only two nights, Jeff felt I should be convalescing. So I have spent long hours on the couch with Kurt watching Jeff do laundry, wash bottles, cook brisket, etc. The guilt of watching Jeff' merrily run around is getting to me, so it's a good thing I go back to work tomorrow night.

At work I try not to talk about Jeff too much because no one believes me. I may have mentioned this before, but once I was looking through my lunch bag at the nurses' station, where there were at least four women nurses looking over their paperwork. I sighed loudly. One of them asked what was wrong and I said, exasperated, "He forgot to pack me a Pepsi."
There was a cold silence followed by an incredulous female voice whispering, "He packs your lunch?!"
We tried to feed Kurt rice cereal this week. Basically it was rice beaten into submission and diluted with milk. Pictorially represented here:

Kurt may have been a lifestyle adjustment for us, but the cats' lives have basically been shattered. The Kitten has always meowed loudly in the mornings for no apparent reason other than to say hello. I used to reward him for this with lots of kisses and petting, but now I threaten to turn him into cat stew if he wakes the baby, and he is completely clueless.

They had shrunk back from us for a while after Kurt got here, but now they seek affection more aggressively than ever before. In return for this uncharacteristic lack of coyness, I feel less guilty about dumping them out of a chair that I need, or pushing them out of the bathroom when I want to be alone. In short, all household members are representing their own interests more efficiently, and I think that's good, even if the small furry members of said household are no longer the center of it.

Kurt loves the cats now. His eyes light up at the sight of them. He is especially fond of the Kitten, perhaps because the Kitten moves around more dynamically and is of higher contrast colors. We practice petting the cats very gently, with mixed results, because Kurt likes to grab things, like ears and clumps of fur. The cats, when annoyed, just get up and move six inches away. I really wouldn't blame the cats for trying to teach Kurt a lesson with say, a good swipe across the arm, but perhaps they are saving that for toddlerhood.

4 thoughts on “Of rice ceral and feline equilibrium”

  1. Jeffs parents raised him right! I am so glad you found a good guy like my charlie, he doesn’t make me lunches but he kills the spiders and does the lawn work and barbecuing. Jeff thankyou for being so good to jayne. Kurt is darling in the pictures!anne


  2. Thank you for the photos. Looks like Kurt will get the idea of food AND being gentle with the cats all at the same time. We miss you 3. Take care of each other and keep the posts coming!Love, Mom and Dad


  3. Never ending cute chapters in your lives. Very jealious of that lunch thing as well. The cats will get over him and settle down, they’re probably wondering when he’s going! I could tell you the trick with rice cereral is warm up a little banana babyfood in the microwave and add it to the cereal – quite tasty Kevin used to say. Enjoy moms place. Lisa


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