I had a lovely, social, fattening birthday. The 5.5 of us went out for Mexican food, where Kurt showed an inordinate amount of interest in the menu.But of course he settled on his usual. We were joined by Fudgie the Whale, who was yummy.

And Apple Pucker: like pixie stix, but fermented!

Kurt rolled over the other morning. Tummy to back. I think it started out as intentional, trying to look at me as I spoke. But in the middle, right about at the point of no return, he got this "Oh, shit" look of fear on his face. He has not done it again, despite my attempts to perfectly recreate the circumstances, right down to the song that was playing. Of course, he was also still in his pajamas the morning when he did it, so there's a part of me that wants to dig those pjs out of the laundry in order to perfectly perfectly recreate the circumstances. Sometimes I have to tell that part of me to shut up and get a grip.

2 thoughts on “34”

  1. Chalk one up for Kurt – congratulations on rolling over (at least once) Remember – rolling over leads to sitting up which leads to CRAWLing which leads to WALKING and RUNNNNNNING :)Looks like Mommy had a lovely birthday. Sending love, Dad and Mom


  2. I like how you have a baby in one hand and hard alcohol in the other.Loen has had a couple of “accidental” rolling moments lately. I put her on her tummy in her room then I went to get Derby. When I came back she was on her back. My husband thought I was confused and had really put her on her back to begin with. I got the camera and waited almost an hour trying to get her to do it again. Kids….they don’t preform on cue.


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