A very short post with the promise of more later

I type this while sitting next to a baby who did not sleep well last night, got up way too early and will not nap. He doesn't want to eat or play. He just wants to rub his eyes and yell at everyone and tell them how much everything sucks, but he definitely, definitely does not want to sleep and how dare you even suggest such a thing.

From sleepier times last week:

Tomorrow: more on the grouchy baby. PLUS: the cats who decided to take back their humans, my abiding love of Flaming Hot Cheetos, and the story of a certain someone who nearly orphaned his child by deciding to check his email while riding his bike.

2 thoughts on “A very short post with the promise of more later”

  1. I hope today was better for you and jeff and kurt! If you have a rocking chair, wrap him (kurt not jeff!) up tight and rock him and sing, slowly…when he realizes thats what your going to do , he will fall asleep, love you…anne b


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