Two teeth no waiting

Work continues to go inexplicably well, even if sleep does not. I'm committed to night shift for at least a year and a half, so at this point I've got to just make it work. But at least I am getting a bunch of training to be charge/resource nurse. Better late than never.

On to baby related news!

A traveler named Lisa at work recently gave Kurt his first honest-to-blog comfort object, a cross between a stuffed animal and a blanket, that is loosely based on a giraffe. (Imagine if someone skinned a really small furry giraffe.) Kurt looves this thing. Here he is giving that giraffe the business:

It appears also that we have two, count them, TWO toothlings, coming in on the lower front. The chilled ring protocol has been a big hit.

On Tuesday afternoon our Official Development Woman comes to visit to see how Kurt is officially developing. Santa Barbara County has a free program called Welcome Every Baby, which sponsors home visits from various baby oriented professionals. A nurse/lactation consultant came to visit us a couple of days after we got out of the hospital as a part of this program, for instance. (I'm assuming this is the kind of program that could only work in a county that is rich and rural, and how many counties can claim that?) Anyway, I'm convinced we're going to get an F+ from this chick because Kurt shows no interest whatsoever in rolling over, in spite of my promises to buy him a real giraffe if he does.

2 thoughts on “Two teeth no waiting”

  1. What a character – face shots are classic and funny! Glad someone is checking on “professionals” heaven forbid if she finds out he’s a genius – skips that boring part (turning over or crawling)and just gets up and walks one day soon! What a sweetie ( : Auntie Lisa


  2. andrew never crawled-he rolled. they do it at the right time for them. he sure is cute. he has such a bright face. a genius for sure. see you soon!!! janet


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