He just wants to stand on land.

I'm aware that I'm posting less than usual. It's primarily work related. The whole needing money thing is a real pain in the butt sometimes, and frankly, my temperament is just more suited to hedonism. Sigh.

Sleep deprivation is a funny thing. Not funny ha ha, of course. Funny in a way that's absurd and lame. Working night shift with a baby presents its own set of problems, even with a baby daddy who is awesome at the caregiving thing. When I went back to work I signed myself up for a two month schedule that is essentially one night on, one night off, forgetting how much of a zombie I tend to be during the day after a night at work. This didn't used to be a problem back when life primarily consisted of lying around with my laptop and hanging out with my friends. But now I have someone small and cute to interact with during the day and I hate being a zombie with him. (The other day, for instance, I was trying to feed to feed him but I kept nodding off, the bottle consequently falling out of my hand.) It's hard to sleep during the day because I don't want to miss anything, but sometimes I go so long without sleep that I get a little wound up, and then it's hard to sleep at night also. To break the cycle I need something like seven uninterrupted hours. So, the cure for insomnia : sleep. See first three sentences of paragraph.

I'm cutting down a shift a week this summer and will group my shifts together, which essentially means Jeff will be a single parent for a few days a week, something I'd hoped to avoid. Jeff, of course, is without complaint as usual.

In a completely unrelated note: Happy Birthday Sawyer!!!

1 thought on “Landstander”

  1. What a cutie. Sure hope Kurt’s mommy can pull this ‘work’ thing off. We don’t want to see you get sick. Keep those photos of Kurt coming. We can’t get enough.Love, Mombo and Poppa.


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