Last day, first night

Jeff and I went on a date on Thursday, which is weird because I don't think we'd ever been on a proper date before, even before we were married. We went for sushi and ice cream and watched a movie. We mostly talked about Kurt. Danielle and Max watched him for us, and got this awesome picture:

He's a worrier, this kid.

I'm a worrier, too. Today, I'm worried because *sigh* tonight I go back to work. Tomorrow morning I'll feel better when I realize I haven't forgotten how to be a nurse. And, of course, that my baby will still love me.

2 thoughts on “Last day, first night”

  1. “Date” good – “worry” bad. The magic day of returning to work has arrived 😦 Thus starts yet another stage of the J. Niehaus family. We’re sure you 3 will do well. We’ll be thinking of you!Love, Mom and Dad Niehaus


  2. Hi JayneYou’re doing what millions of woman have had to do, it’ll be okay but unlike thousands more – you have a job…a good one with lots of flexibility in location and hours if need be, and he has a two parent home, you got to have 3 precious months to bond and show him the world, and you all have your health. Don’t worry so much, count your blessings! Just think how happy he will be to see you when you are home and bring pics of him to work to show off and remind yourself why you are working. See ya soon. Lisa


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