Of bunnies and baptisms

We're home, home, home! Kurt flew very well, far better than his mommy (which isn't hard, of course). Throughout both flights I observed him in his car seat, napping, blissfully unaware that he was hurtling through the air in a metal tube next to a woman who was quietly finding religion. (Though I'm pretty sure I'd lost it again by the time we hit Taco Bell on the way back from the airport. )

But enough about my neuroses! On to news of the weekend…
As previously stated, Kurt had his baptism on Saturday, at the same church where his dad and uncle were confirmed. This occasion required a great deal of ceremonial gear: a baptismal gown, a hat made by his grandmother than will make its next appearance at his wedding, and booties and shawl that were lovingly made by the ever resourceful Aunt Ellen. He was adorable, the baptism was lovely, and yea verily he did look like a girl. Here's a close up:

His masculinity was recovered in time for lunch and family time afterward.

On Easter we had snow! It wasn't a lot of snow, but there was a good deal of excitement from the littlest Niehomes and me (the poor California child who didn't get snow growing up). This required an obligatory, take-your-child-outside-in-the-freezing-weather photo, so we rose to the occasion:

Most of the weekend was spent in the company of family. Much, much family. Aunt and uncle, great aunts and uncles, cousins, second cousins and of course, grandparents. Actually, Kurt's grandparents were the least photographed of the weekend, as they were the cooks, drivers, maids, child soothers, and activity directors. Most of the time, they were moving too fast to be captured by traditional photography. However, besides Kurt's great-grandparents Niehaus, he also got quality time in with his great grandfather Irv, whose secret to longevity may in some way be tied to his photogenicity:

And of course he got to bask in the frenzied toddler glory of his New York Niehaus cousins. On Jeff's side of the family Kurt has exactly two first cousins. On my side, he has fifteen. However, because of the age difference between me and my siblings, his Tetloff cousins, while wonderful, are busy doing things like working at Verizon and teaching grade school. His Niehaus cousins, on the other hand, are busy doing things like this (that's Aunt Jo in the background):

So they might be easier to relate to in the short term.

When not giving pony rides to her children, Aunt Kimberly snuggled and soothed Kurt (Boy, do I owe my sisters some pictures on this blog):

And Paul vowed to use his Good Uncle Paul status to promote mayhem:

To sum up, twas a good weekend.

2 thoughts on “Of bunnies and baptisms”

  1. What a great documentation of a full-weekend. Hope Kurt gives you flight-coping lessons 🙂 We hate putting you through the flight, but we HAVE to see you. So, thanks for flying! Love, Mombo and Grandpa Bob


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