Heavy on pictures, light on text

It's been a week since I've posted and things have been pretty quiet here. So I will give you Kurt's Week In Pictures. (I should tell you that if it weren't for Danielle, ninety eight percent of these pictures would not exist. ) Here is Kurt helping Danielle win (cheat?) at Five Crowns: Here he is on his first wine tasting trip. (He sampled excellent vintages of mommymilk and soy formula):

He worked in time for a lively conversation with Joel about the need to research alternative fuels:I love this picture, but I truly have no idea what's happening here:And just so you don't think it's all sweetness and light around here, I give you The Pout:Looking worried while getting burped by Mommy:Tomorrow is Kurt's first plane ride! We are off to St. Louis for family togetherness and Kurt's christening. Expect updates…

3 thoughts on “Heavy on pictures, light on text”

  1. Sawyer is very excited for St. Louis. I was explaining to her last night that she is now a big cousin and Mommy and Daddy are now an aunt and uncle. Her response:”I am a big cousin! And Luke is a medium cousin! Does Daddy know that he is an uncle? We have to tell him that he is a new thing!!! This is so exciting!!!”Our household is a little excited for the trip.


  2. I love that cute kid! Glad ya’all finally joined the parent crowd – the ups and downs and memories just make it worth living. Enjoy the trip back east. Auntie Lisa


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