Everybody was kung fu fighting

On Saturday night we journeyed up north to meet the beautiful Elise, one month old daughter of our friends Jessica and Eric (and sister of sweetheart Jake).

As this was the first eligible, age appropriate chick Kurt has met (well, she's half his age, but anyway), he exhibited all sorts of the dorky behavior boys do to impress girls, such as talking loudly about stuff nobody understands:

And mugging shamelessly for whatever audience happens to be present:

Three of the six people in this picture are working on their dissertations. Guess which ones:

Last night we went out for Chinese and Kurt took the opportunity to act out for Danielle, with great dramatic flourish, an adventure story of ancient Chinese warriors:

2 thoughts on “Everybody was kung fu fighting”

  1. jayne, your writing cracks me up!I sure enjoy reading these, those babies looked like they had a good time. congratulations to your friends of their new baby also. She is cute, love you…anne b


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