4 thoughts on “The multitasking daddy”

  1. The “daddy’s” mother IS very proud. It is always good to see a son ‘working’ AND participating in family care and nurturing :)Dang, that is a cute baby ‘Daddy’ is holding! The Niehaus grandchildren are certainly overwhelming darling.


  2. Sweet pic! But really Kurt shouldn’t be exposed to too much electro magnettic fields too soon – he might become a super human or the worldest youngest computer expert and most famous… ( ; Lisa


  3. What a cute photo! Thanks for the comment on my blog. Your little guys is so cute. Our babies are only 5 days apart. I can’t believe he’s already 9lbs. Makes me wonder what Lily is up to since I don’t have a scale. She weighed just about what Kurt weighed at birth – she was 6lbs 12 oz. They grow so fast.


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