Things my son has puked on

1. Me 2. Jeff 3. Max 4. himself 5. his swing 6. the carpet 7. about half a dozen onesies

Actually, Friday night was his first official Projectile Vomit, and it scared the crap out of me. Jeff was at the gym, Kurt was in his swing, and I had just snuggled up on the couch with some laundry to fold and the Tivo remote when I suddenly saw the fountain of puke emerge from his mouth and flow upward into space. It's one thing to watch a highly amusing Youtube montage of babies puking all over things, but it's another to see your own baby's frightened little face after it's just happened to him. I freaked out and he freaked out. (We've since picked up the pieces and carried on…)

After you have a c-section they tell you not to lift anything heavier than your baby for six weeks, and this bit of medical advice seemed goofy to me because babies, as you know, come in a wide array of sizes. So how can they tell me not lift anything heavier than my little bean and then turn around and tell a chick with an eleven pounder the exact same thing? Anyway, I broke this rule pretty much the moment I came home from the hospital and picked up Phoebe. I figured Phoebe can't be more than ten pounds, well within the range of possible baby weights. This week Kurt's baby scale came in the mail and Phoebe, of course, tried it out. Turns out she's actually slightly heavier than a baby.

Jeff has been staring soulfully into his baby's eyes a lot and Kurt does a credible job of staring back. He's good at staring. As far as his development goes, I say he's at 99th percentile in staring ability.There has been a shocking lack of pictures of Max and Danielle on this blog lately, despite the fact that not only were they in the waiting room in the hospital to welcome Kurt to the world, they have given up their laps and shoulders many times for his comfort in the last month, facilitated our meager forays into the outside world and hosted a "Meet the Tribe" night for the grad students to coo at our guy (from which I have no pictures, but it was genuinely lovely). Part of it has been a true failing on my part to really try to capture the moment, and part of it has been bad photographic luck. So last night after I won at Wizard (a once in blue moon occasion…Kurt created a diversion for me) I made them pose.

4 thoughts on “Things my son has puked on”

  1. I’d recognized that first expression anywhere – that’s a Jayne look! He is definitely a cute one, I’d imagine at 1 yr to see some book of photos published at this rate! Ahhh new parents, your second will have about 3 pics. Lisa


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