I went for a check up yesterday and was pronounced alive, tired, and recovering very well. I kinda figured. The pain is mostly gone though the weight is not. I have about three pairs of non-maternity but not quite regular pants that I am wearing these days. It's very boring to only have three pairs of pants to wear. Plus, people keep bringing me chocolate (thank you Danielle and Lisa!) so it may be a struggle before I am reunited with my usual pants.

Kurt had his first bath on Friday. Here's what he thought of it:

We have a number of bath enabling objects in our home. We intend to try them all out. This morning we realized he's still small enough to fit in the bathroom sink, but we probably won't try that one again, because it was dicey with the sharp faucet and all. There's always the possibility that Kurt takes after me in all the ways I'm not like his dad. For instance, in addition to a profound hatred of being wet, he may hate flying, roller coasters and The Moody Blues. For his sake I hope he likes flying at the very least. But if he ends up liking The Moody Blues then I have no son.

As you can see, Phoebe is adjusting very well to Kurt's presence. She's becoming a very maternal cat. The kitten, however, is out of the room the moment there's a peep from that kid.

2 thoughts on “Rub-a-dub”

  1. A thousand thank yous for the update and the photos. It is really hard, but we are trying to not ‘bug’ you with constant phone calls – LOVE the pictures. We miss you three.Mombo and Poppa


  2. Those pictures are cute! I’m glad phoebe is getting used to him, she looks like a very nice kitty cat. The wonders of giving a baby a bath in the sink brings back memories!!luv you truly…anne b


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