One baby to rule them all

Tired of baby related news and photos? Go read a different blog!

Seriously, what we're doing lately is being Kurt's parents. We're integrating other activities into our life with him, but it's slow going. Jeff has started running again and I'm starting to walk again, but all extracurricular activities we've had going have been courtesy of Mom and Dad Niehaus, who are with us until tomorrow. They've done our shopping, dishes, vacuuming, cooking and car maintenance and in exchange we've occasionally let them cuddle with their grandson. They've also let us sleep in a couple of extra hours every morning, and I'm really, really going to miss that.

It isn't like we haven't tried to go to sleep early. But his active, super awake time is generally between eleven pm and one am and we just can't go to sleep when he's cooing and staring at us. This isn't terribly surprising, considering that many a time I sat down at the nurse's station at eleven pm to do my charting just in time to feel him doing the cha cha on my bladder.

We're still in complete shock that they pulled a six pound baby out of me. If we hadn't seen it with own eyes we would never had believed it. (Well, Jeff saw it-they could have been doing anything on the other side of that surgical drape as far as I was concerned. Drugs are good.) Most of the baby clothes given to me were given in generosity on a bet that we'd have a ginormous baby. He's currently swimming in everything he owns except for the clothes passed down from Aunt Kimberly, who is famous for delivering peanut babies. The Fergusons of St. Louis gave us two adorable sets of pajamas with bunnies on the hands to keep him from scratching himself. When we came home from the hospital, Jeff excitedly put them on the boy and his little arms extended about halfway down the sleeves. As a result, when I held him and he'd start to cry and flail his arms, I would be beaten senseless with little fuzzy bunnies.

Anyway, Parents Niehaus go home in the morning and then Jeff and I are on our own/at the mercy of close friends. More on how that goes later this week. In the meantime, here are more pictures. First book, read by Mombo:

(Don't worry, Grandma Tetloff-he's coming up north soon! Promise!)

2 thoughts on “One baby to rule them all”

  1. Point of personal privilege: I deliver baby-sized babies. It’s not my fault that other Niehaus affiliates have a habit of bringing baby hippopotami into the world!Have to tell you – the joy of sleeping in when Marlo and Bob are in town does not go away anytime soon!xox


  2. He is cute, I’m not tired of the pictures at all, I was one who sent big clothes, when you were a baby your legs were so long, we would have to cut out the feetin the pjs to fit you sometimes! love ya anne


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