Kurt the squirt

So, what's been happening with us lately? Well, let's see…Jeff got an iphone. We've received a curious number of UPS packages lately. We got Indian take out tonight. I hear we got some rain this weekend.

Oh, and we had a baby a week ago!

It's pretty much been the sole occupation of our time.

Kissing Kurt
Eating Kurt Dressing Kurt up in funny outfits

There's a lot to say about what the experience of having him around finally and suddenly has been like, but I have to go feed him now and I owe the entire planet an e-mail (Sorry, planet!). I will tell you that he's a good baby and that he has interesting expressions. We call this one "Suspicious Kurt":

So, if you haven't heard from me, I promise you will soon. And I will post more about our experiences in general, but for now, the little bean calls.

2 thoughts on “Kurt the squirt”

  1. It would be great if Jeffrey drank more often – as the last photo shows – he now would have a cute “drinking” buddy……Daddy and Kurt and their respective bottles :)It’s good to know that Kurt is “off the bottle”…Mommy and he are doing a good job at meal time now. Kurt is a precious little guy. Love, Grandma Marlo (Mombo) and Grandpa Bob (Poppa)


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