Blue light special

Howdy! I have been understandably disorganized in the last few days. We're still in the hospital. I'm recovering from the c-section, and getting up and around just fine with a little help from my new friend Percocet. Jeff has stayed in the hospital bed next to mine for all but a few hours, I have had plenty of help, and our little bean continues to be adorable. He's lost a little weight, which I'm told is normal. I have only lost my shpadoinkle a few times, and those times have almost exclusively been related to the challenges of breastfeeding. For a supposedly natural part of our existence, it really is a pain in the ass, and a pain in the boobs. Our guy is fond of the stuff that comes out of my boobs, and he likes very much to hug and nuzzle my boobs, but he has yet to really pull all that together into a functional breastfeeding act.

He also was getting a bit yellow yesterday, and thus was placed into a little special bed that sits in our room and bathes him in unholy blue light to help him break down bilirubin. It keeps him warm and all, but it sucks. We can't snuggle him constantly now, as was our previous custom, because they want him in the special bed as much as possible. Here he is in the bed when it's unplugged:

And when the juice is on:
We're off to take a family nap, so expect more news tomorrow!

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