The Upsidedown Bean

As the whole world basically knows by now, the Bean is either breech again or still breech, depending on what you believe. Today's ultrasound confirmed that fact, so I am officially on for a c-section Wednesday.

We were briefly deflated by the news initially. Then it dawned on us that we still get to have a baby for Pete's sake, so what the hell are we complaining about?? A couple of weeks ago there was talk of us going to have a procedure called an external version, to turn the baby. As we live in this little bubble town that is remarkably resistant to change and outside influence, there is but one doctor here who does this procedure, which is also not terribly successful and somewhat painful. I passed. I know there are a lot of women out there who feel that childbirth is a spiritual experience and would feel horribly robbed in my position, but I just really don't think that way. If there's one place in the world I feel comfortable, it's in a clinical setting. Even so, I know better than your average mother-to-be that there are risks with surgery, and I'm doing my best to turn down the volume on my worries and concentrate on the fact that in a mere five days, we'll have our baby guy! And the cats will finally be forced to come to terms with the fact that the new room full of squishy furniture and soft blankets is not actually for them.

Sooo, yes we had a lovely if low key Christmas. We stayed home in our little apartment, the first time we have ever been alone together on the big holiday, which was a slightly weird but doable. I made Jeff some Polish sausage and sauerkraut and potatoes for breakfast. (It's a Tetloff thing.) In the evening we had a Christmas feast with Max and Danielle and her family and played movie trivia games. Needless to say, Danielle and I did no cooking. (But I did lots of dishes for Jeff. See? I'm helping!) We've come a long way as a society when the Christmas feast is prepared by the the two husbands, one of whom is Jewish.

We have been inundated with baby gifts and hand me downs, this week more than ever. Since Jeff's brother and sister in law had a baby boy eighteen months ago, we made out like bandits on the clothes. Also, Jeff's cousin Amy sent us a baby wrap. Phoebe, who has been the test subject for a number of our baby oriented products, nestled comfortably against Jeff as soon as we put her in:
So it should work with an actual baby just fine!

3 thoughts on “The Upsidedown Bean”

  1. LOL! Okay–lower the rings a bit and spread the fabric over the bony part of your shoulder to cap it–the folds should accommodate that nicely! It’s not as secure when it’s just on your trapezius muscle, and will wear you out faster. But great start!


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