The fetus party

Jeff and I, while not defeated, were deeply humbled by illness this week. So expect the wittiness of this post to be kept to a minimum…

Under peer pressure (thank you, Denise), I had a lovely party last Saturday. Some people would have even called it a baby shower. But I was a little freaked out by the idea of a baby shower, so Danielle, who did most of the arrangements, called it a fetus party, and suddenly it was okay. An array of my favorite desserts was provided.

People attempted to drink things out of baby bottles, bless them. I guess cutting off the top of the nipple was the key to it all.

It never fails to amaze me how generous people get when life's milestones come around.

Towards the end, the pregnant woman swung at a pinata for the amusement of the guests, and very successfully I might add. Our neighborhood kids can sense a successful hit at fifty paces, and they swarmed.

The party was coordinated with Jeff's parents visiting. There was a mini-Christmas celebration, since we will be staying put for the holidays this year. Jeff looks good in this picture, so that's why it's up:Mom Niehaus has this genius strategy of taking pictures constantly, so that she doesn't actually have to be in any of them. I only ever outsmart her with the traditional "Niehomes by the beach" photo that I take every time they visit. Here it is.

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