Mr. Bean

We're back! We came home to a house with no internet and a lot of cat hair. And Phoebe, who is always a little pissed when we leave, decided to manifest that anger by actually pissing on our bed. But first, The Big News: the Bean is a boy! The radiologist doing the ultrasound made several comments along the lines that there was "no question" of his boyness. It's a shame we didn't request a picture of said boyness, because the face pictures were so badly positioned there's no point in even posting them. (The radiologist apologized for the lack of good face pictures, but apparently our boy is camera shy. About showing his face.)

So, hooray! All our years of discussion of girl names have come to nought. I cried like a woman, which I've been doing a lot lately. On the subject of weird pregnancy symptoms, there have been nosebleeds and crying. So much crying. I don't just mean I'm crying when there's very happy or very sad news. I was even willing to cut myself some slack for crying at Finding Nemo and Ratatouille. But crying during Planet Earth is just pathetic. There are songs on the radio, and I'm not going to mention any titles, that I have now banned myself from listening to all the way through. Since I only listen to the radio in the car, it's just too dangerous for everyone else on the road.

Overall we had another very good train trip across the country and a wonderful trip in general. Here is our train snaking through a valley in New Mexico:

Sawyer, being now a full fledged little girl, really moves around a lot. We got one good (clothed) picture of her and here it is:My husband looking relaxed and handsome:
And his brother doing the most rational thing I saw anybody do all week in that sun:

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