Harry Potter and the billion dollars (No spoilers, promise)

Last night we went to Borders for the Deathly Hallows midnight release party. Twas packed. To give you an idea of the madness:

Here's Danielle with her Hedwig in a cage, making ours the coolest table in the cafe:

Then at a couple of minutes to midnight we lined up and they carted out the heavily guarded boxes of books….
We were numbers 39-42 to get our copies out of hundreds of people there because Max and I took turns waiting in line Friday morning for a good number.

For those of you who have not yet finished it, please hurry up so I can start referencing it. I know, you have children, jobs, lives, etc., but really, you can slack off on those things for a while, can't you?

A few weeks ago I was having a conversation with our next door neighbor and I casually joked that I grew up in the hottest place on the planet and she casually joked back, "What, Modesto?" without having any idea that I am actually from Modesto.
Now I live in Goleta, and it's not hot. I know that. So it was not without a sense of shame that I begged my husband for an air conditioner this week. He of course said okay, because what else was he going to say? He's on a desperate quest to keep me happy and any clue I offer him towards his end is greatly appreciated.

So thanks to Jeff, I got to read in an air conditioned apartment today. Danielle and I used to joke (well, it was mostly a joke) that we had to stay alive to read the last Harry Potter book, but after that, it would be okay if something happened to us. Of course, now I have the bean, so I gotta stick around for that. I might be starting to look pregnant now. Or I finally swallowed too much gum.

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