Jeff gets old(er)

Jeff celebrated his birthday last week by eating whatever the hell he wanted and making himself a little sick in the process. Poor Jeff, mighty eater for 32 years, brought down by rigatoni. In spite of that (which wasn't until the end anyway), he had a really good day of meals, movie and friends.

Thanks to his parents, he now has a second pair of sandals to wear. I gave him a clicky fountain pen, but I was bested by Danielle and Max, who gave him no less than eighteen individually wrapped pens, pens that they knew for a fact he would like because he apparently has been stealing them from the lab for some time. Observe his joy at his birthday breakfast:And on the pregnancy front…

Well, I haven't posted for two weeks, and it's unlikely that you've gotten an e-mail or a phone call from me, so that's probably a good indicator of how I've been feeling. Many people have said or written to me to hang in there and that it's going to get better. I've appreciated all the support, even if I thought you all were full of shit. But I might actually be over the hump. Jeff says I act better, too. He keeps dazzling me with facts from his expectant father books. My symptoms have attained all new legitimacy now that he has books that confirm what I'm feeling. ("Honey, the book says you might be experiencing nausea and fatigue!") He's also started cooking for me again, and thank heaven, because I was hopeless on my own.

About a week and a half ago we went for our (I really hope) last appointment with our lovely reproductive endocrinologist, and he made us a little DVD of what is actually starting to look more like a person, swimming around and waving its little flipper arms at us. Here are stills. Imagine it lying on its back, in profile, head on the right:

And yesterday we got to babysit our next door neighbor's daughter Serenity, a sweet baby who lured us into a false sense of how fun it's all going to be. At least we had to change a diaper…

1 thought on “Jeff gets old(er)”

  1. Happy birthday jeff! wow you’ve lost alot of weight, lookin good. don’t worry jayne it will get better, were sending good houghts to you…call if you need anything….love you…anne b


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