Jeff's parents came out to visit us on my birthday, and the first thing we did was drive down to L.A. to get tickets for The Price is Right.

Insane. Let me begin by saying that. Mom and Dad Niehaus got up at four and walked from our motel to go wait in line for an "Order of Arrival Pass." The line was already well around the block. Jeff and I got up an hour later and trudged down there in the same clothes we'd worn the night before. Jeff had thrown his back out and since we don't keep any narcotics around the house, all he had was ibuprofen. However, we also happened to have a bottle of Dewar's that was part of Marlo's birthday present from us, so he took a shot of that, too. There he was, walking down Beverly Boulevard at the crack of dawn, slightly hunched over, unshowered, with whiskey on his breath. He blended right in.

There turned out to be well over two hundred people in front of us, but we still got tickets. Around 2 pm. So from 5am to 2pm we waited outside the studio. And waited. In the meantime, CBS employees stood in front of the crowd and engaged the crowd in worship of Bob Barker. Seriously. There were "Bob is great" songs, cheers and inspirational stories about how The Price Is Right had changed people's lives.Then we got our little price tag name stickers and walked into the crazy colorful studio and the show began.
Sadly, we were not called to Come On Down, but we left with our dignity intact, which is more than many people in the audience can say. Television producers love people who will do anything, anything to get on TV and the studio was filled, wall to wall, with these people, screaming, dancing, crying, clapping. I never realized how sedate we are. The show airs June 4th. Probably only Dad Niehaus and I are visible. Look on the lower left hand side at the only two people not jumping out of their chairs.
Now, all that said, Bob Barker really is liquid charisma. He probably should have run for president, as several people in the audience suggested. He was as comfortable in the face of the screaming, adoring crowd as most of us are on our couches. His one liners were genuinely funny and quick and he did seem to consistently come off as genuine and enthusiastic, which can't be easy when you stand in a garishly decorated television studio all day.
Sooo, the day was fun, we did scream at least a little and we did get on TV. Here are the shirts Mom Niehaus made us:

On the front is Bob's birth date, the date he went into television, and then a math problem. The back speaks for itself.

Santa Barbara loves to get cold and foggy when people come to visit, which is a bummer, even though the visit was otherwise a happy one. Here's Jeff and the 'rents on a chilly but nice beach walk. I don't think you can tell yet that Jeff does look thinner already:

As far as my birthday resolutions from last year go, I 'm a failure. I did not learn to love decaf (though I learned to tolerate it). I do not argue with Jeff less (in fact, I'm a little bitchier these days). I do think I argue with stupid people less, except at work when they've really got it coming. No birthday resolutions this year. I'm too tired.

We went to our second ultrasound last Monday, and the bean of six weeks..

is now sort of a smudge:So in a few years when the kid gives you attitude you can say, "Kid, I knew you when you were still a smudge." However, we are referring to the embryo as The Bean. It just has a nicer ring than The Smudge.

Sorry it's been so long since I've updated. I'm experiencing what I'm hoping is pregnancy related fatigue and nausea. Either that or I have a terminal illness. I'm also, as I mentioned, quite grumpy. God help anyone who tries to mug me. I'm looking for a reason to take someone down.

2 thoughts on “33”

  1. Now maybe now you know why we only have 2 children. I had a terrible temper every time I was pregnant. Hope you move out of the grouchies like normal people.How neat to finally get on “come on down”. Now you never have to do that again!


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