Brides, fish, sperm and people named Gogo

We went to Jessica and Eric's wedding on Saturday at the La Purisima Mission and had a great time. She was a gorgeous bride but she's pretty in jeans and a t-shirt, so that's not a surprise. And though this is probably the only time anyone will ever see Eric in a suit, he looked surprisingly natural considering he is usually an anthropologist-hiking-through-the-rainforest kind of guy.The reception happened in Buellton at that motel from the movie Sideways. Jeff had emcee-ing duties, but he managed to work in a dance with the bride…And then me. This was the first betta fish themed wedding I've ever been to. The centerpieces were lovely and came with little cards that urged us to take them home. But we declined on the basis that a baby is one thing, but a fish is entirely too much responsibility.
The time was helped along considerably by the presence of Cleo and her friend Gogo at our table. Being named Gogo comes with awesome responsibility, as you are likely the first and possibly only one anyone has ever met, so you must hold up the integrity of the name. But overall we were favorably impressed. My associations with the name are positive.
Also at our table was Daniel from Argentina, whom I've always found to be a very pleasant fellow. But if I had to sum up Daniel's feelings about our country in two words, those words would be "America sucks." If I were to use more than two words, they would be "America would suck a lot less if more women here would have sex with me." Indeed, it was during this mercy hug from Danielle that he was maybe the happiest I've ever seen him.

Here is a decent picture of us with the best buds Max and Danielle, who are pictorially very under represented in this blog considering how much time we spend with them.
And these are pictures Cleo took of Jeff and me…
Jeff calls this my "You used to amuse me" face. But rest assured, he still amuses me very much.

The other significant event of the past week is that I was officially inseminated on Thursday. Ain't nothing like the miracle of life as it unfolds between a man and a woman, and their doctor, and that doctor's staff, with the aid of thousands of dollars worth of equipment. It went fine and took no time at all. But it turns out Jeff's sperm count was really low this month due to the Christmas plague, so I don't hold out a ton of hope for this particular attempt. In the meantime I am taking progesterone supplements, and they suck. They're just pills, but I feel so crappy that I'm looking back on the Clomid hot flashes with wistful nostalgia. It says on the progesterone bottle that these pills may cause dizziness and drowsiness, so be careful when engaging in certain activities that require concentration. (Like driving? Like working? Like online shopping?) Anyway, I have to take them three times a day, so I am officially Jayne the Zombie.
If progesterone is the hormone of pregnancy, does that mean that this is what pregnancy is going to feel like? Yuck!!

3 thoughts on “Brides, fish, sperm and people named Gogo”

  1. If it makes you feel any better, the progesterone pills are somewhat easier to deal with than some of the other optios (li,ke suppositories or shots with really long needles). And yes, that’s kind of what the first trimester feels like. Should have opted for the fish. šŸ˜‰


  2. i agree that you guys will make great parents. but becareful,you might end up with trilets. anyway,i think you should change the colors on your blog,i can hardley read the two colors together. love you guys


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