Randomness of the week

I have come to the end of my orientation as a new nurse and I feel pretty good about it. Last night went well except I had a patient bottom out on me, which is always a horrible experience. He'd had open heart surgery a few days before. After I woke him up to take a walk, he chatted with me a few minutes, got out of bed, took five steps out his door, then mumbled something and started to slump against the wall.

I really hate that look people get when they start to lose consciousness. There's something very creepy about watching that light in the eyes go out. Anyway, the guy is well over six feet tall, and even though they tell you not to try to hold floppy people up because you could get a back injury that would end your career, it's just such a reflex to try to hold people up. I was in screaming distance of Clint, who ran over with a chair, and we lowered the guy into it. His blood pressure was 70/28 and I thought Oh shit!! but to my surprise he started to come out of it. By the time we got him back in bed his pressure was up to 126/66. Huzzah!! So I still have not yet had a code blue as a nurse. (Knock knock on the coffee table.)

I actually had time, and even more amazingly, inclination to hike this week. My partner in crime from nursing school, the soon to be NICU nurse Denise, hiked Rattlesnake Canyon (it's just a name, people) with me and it was glorious. Shady, cool, quiet, no bugs. I'm a city girl and all, but sometimes nature is okay.

I finished taking Clomid on Thursday. On Friday I started follicle stimulating hormone shots. When Dr. Kumar's nurse told me I had to start giving myself injections, I got all cocky. After all, I give other people shots every day. But when I sat there with the (tiny) needle, about to stick a practice shot of sterile water into my tummy, I started to sweat.

"Oh, my god, " I said to Jeff, "I don't think I can do this."

"It's easy!" Jeff said, and demonstrated by giving himself a practice shot in the tummy with no problem.

SO, Jeff has been giving me the shots, and I dread them every day, even though he does a very good job. It's a shame Jeff can't go through this whole process of fertility treatment and childbirth instead of me, because he would be much more pleasant and cooperative about it. I feel fine with all the drugs except for the hot flashes. They do happen and it's freaky. But emotionally, it hasn't been bad.

I've got two snapshots of randomness for you today. The first is a picture of a colonoscopy simulator in our hospital's learning lab. If you've never had a colonoscopy, it's a camera tube up the rear to look for bleeds and lesions. I guess people who perform colonoscopies have to practice on something, but this faux butt was a very disconcerting sight to come upon:On a completely different note, this was taped to my front door the other day, and it killed me. This kid is eight if he's a day. But just in case he does get famous, you saw it here first:

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