Filthy rich, non-radioactive jayne

I am back from Tacoma! A bout of stomach flu has kept my dad in the hospital a few days longer than we thought, but overall he's still doing very well and may go home for good today or tomorrow. (Well, they said stomach flu. But I cooked dinner three out of four nights I was in Tacoma and my dad ate some of those meals. Maybe there's a connection, maybe not. But I better go back to not cooking, just in case.) Anyway, I just couldn't believe how good he looked and acted.

I had a lovely time there hanging out with the 'rents, brothers, and various animals. There was very little sleep, however, because I slept in the same room as my mom, and like many old people, she just doesn't sleep. Maybe for an hour or two, but then she's up again. And since I was a new person there and she was excited to have me, she talked to me. All night long. Sweet, I know, but I came home exhausted.

And did I drink on the plane? Oh, boy did I. I'm not going get into it right now, but I should probably not drink on planes anymore lest you see my name on FARK.

Anyway, I've been home for a few days and have been working stupid hours lately. I'm getting used to the idea of having an evening or an afternoon off instead of a day or two. It's going to get better in a month, but right now I'm at the hospital way too much. On the bright side, I got my first paycheck today and woohoo!!! This is the first time I'm bringing any decent money into our house pretty much ever, so it's kind of fun, even though I miss home. I did get to spend Valentine's evening with my honey (and later, Max and Danielle, since we continue to torture ourselves by watching Lost). Jeff brought me a suitably mushy card and flowers:Then today he went with me to have my hysterosalpingogram. It had somehow been represented to me that this test consisted of a radioactive dye being shot up into a place where God never intended radioactive dye to go, namely up the vagina, into the cervix and out the fallopian tubes, to look for blockages and fibroid tumors. I was excited about this, because I looked forward to being Radioactive Jayne, however briefly:But, alas, the dye was inert. I was pelted by radiation, but none of it actually got shot up into me in liquid form. My friend had this test recently and she said it seriously hurt, so I was prepared for unholy pain, but it turned out to be only moderately unholy in the way that pelvic exams often are. This was the first time Jeff had ever witnessed a pelvic exam, and I think he finally got the idea that gyn doctors have the least sexy jobs in the galaxy. On the screen Jeff and I got to see my uterus in its natural environment and I am disappointed. I guess I expected something more noble, more formidable. It's tiny. Not only that, but apparently my uterus is turned over and fully on my left side, so it really looks like a floppy, deflated balloon:
The good news is that it is otherwise normal and I have no obvious obstacles to upward traveling sperm. Go figure. The doc today said that having a uterus off to one side or another is unusual but he didn't see how it would prevent pregnancy since the fallopian tubes are open and flowing nicely. But who knows? My appointment with the new, schmancy baby-making doctor isn't until April.

I keep hearing it's winter in other places. That must really suck.

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