News of Dad ‘ s ticker

I hear from my mom and my siblings that my dad got through his heart surgery and all, initially at least, is well. Apparently when he was extubated he told the ICU nurse to make sure he didn't miss CSI at nine, so I take that as a very good sign. I think I'm more nervous about him going to the intermediate care floor, because that's the kind of unit I work on, so I know a lot more about what can go wrong during that next stage. But I'm thinking positive. If all continues to go well, he may be out of the hospital in a little over a week, just in time for me to go up to Washington and help my parents out at home for a couple of days. I feel like my time is wasted when I go visit my parents in the hospital, because it's the one time I know for a fact that someone is with them. But I can actually be useful when they're at home.

In other news, the new graduate nurse orientation is boring as hell. They're either going over stuff we did fifty million times in nursing school or going over paperwork and policies I know backward and forward from working there the last four years. The highlight of my work week was coming upon an open elevator shaft and finding a guy standing on top of the car and playing with the gears. Presumably he was repairing them:

Besides locking myself out of our apartment, barefoot, at dusk when Jeff wasn't home, the other great tragedy of the week is that Max had knee surgery today and he had a crappy nurse! I hate that. Max is doing well, though. Actually, I feel a little bad for him because if it were any other day besides the day my dad happened to have heart surgery, I would have made more of a fuss over him.

1 thought on “News of Dad ‘ s ticker”

  1. Oh, don’t be silly 🙂 I am certainly being sufficiently fussed over! Between you two bringing dinner and dessert (and driving me to and from the surgery center in the first place!) and Danielle anticipating every need I could possibly have, I am being extremely well taken care of.BTW, we stuck in the video of the surgery, and while it is lacking an epic rock soundtrack and special effects like the last video made of me (skydiving), it is really neat to watch! Especially the part where the laser slices my muscle in half (so THAT is what hurts so much… go figure). We will definitely pop it in the next time you guys are over.(And while I am posting, good luck for a speedy recovery to your Dad!)


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