We are blah, blah, blah

We have been a very, very low energy Jayne and Jeff this week. Seriously, I barely had the motivation to go out in my pajamas and get us ice cream tonight. Besides the fact that the quarter started up again for Jeff, a variety of other factors have contributed to our not so fresh feeling this week.

It turns out Phoebe needed surgery to correct her embarrassing cat abscess problem. She also needed to have her last two molars removed, meaning she is now officially gumming all her food. This is significant because Phoebe is pretty much the only girl name we've ever been able to agree on. So if we do ever have a kid and it turns out to be a girl, we now have the option of renaming our cat Gummy and usurping Phoebe for our own purposes. But back to the surgery. Jeff was an emotional wreck on Wednesday when we dropped her off at the vet's office. He really couldn't be dealt with in any reasonable sense until she was out of anesthesia and the vet said everything would be fine. (It will be very interesting to see what Jeff is going to be like when he has actual human children.) You know you love an animal when you spend a large amount of money, first to get her ass repaired, and then for the privilege of administering her medication four times a day. Here is Jeff and Phoebe, reunited after their day of horrible separation:

Phoebe had to wear a collar for about a night. This prompted a lot of "Ground Control to Major Phoebe…" comments:Phoebe is basically her sweet self again at this point.
I went to a going away breakfast early Thursday morning for my friend Lisa (pictured below, on the right, with Leann). Lisa is a traveling nurse. This is a great gig. Hospitals pay you to come live in their area and you work for them for anywhere from six weeks to a year. Some nurses travel alone, for years at a time. Others bring their families and only do it for a couple of months. Seriously, the pay is so good that I've known women who supported a house husband and a couple of kids this way. Santa Barbara employs a huge number of traveling nurses because the cost of living here is so high that it's hard to retain staff. So I end up working with these nurses, sometimes for months, learn a ton from them, get very attached, and then watch them go. It sucks! Then, I've spent the last two days getting my Advanced Cardiac Life Support certification. You know when you're doing your CPR class and they teach you everything you need to do until help arrives? Well, ACLS teaches health care workers what to do when they arrive on the scene and find you doing CPR. It was fun, I learned a lot, and I asked many (apparently very amusing) questions of the experienced paramedics/nurses/doctors in the room.
Meanwhile, it has been cold here. I know it's probably much colder wherever you are, but we are wusses. We have a furnace downstairs that we use once or twice a year. It only took us two years to figure out how to turn it on. The thing has no thermostat and one setting: Hellish Inferno. So usually it's not worth it, but I'm grateful for it tonight.
On a completely different note, of the many wonderful congratulations cards and greetings that I have gotten in the last couple of months, this one, sent by parents Juice and Amy, was the sweetest:

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