Phoebe and the mewvie

We got a new TV/friend. It's a super-duper 42-inch, flat screen, wall-mounted piece of happiness. But that's not what this post is about.

At Christmas, Jeff's Aunt Ellen and Uncle Steve gave us a DVD as a gag gift called a Mewvie. Yes, it's TV for cats, yet another sign that we've basically lost it as a society. It's one scene after another of birds fluttering around the screen, around a birdbath, bird feeder, etc. When we were investigating the TV's capabilities last night, Jeff popped in the Mewvie just for laughs. The directions say you should place your cat at eye level with the TV on an ottoman or stool and then clear the area of any breakable objects. We found this hysterical. However, since the TV is wall mounted it was too high for us to put anything eye level for Phoebe to sit on and watch it, so Jeff just picked her up and held her near the TV, to see if she'd take any note of what was happening on the screen.
She was captivated immediately:

Yeah right, you say. Anyone can point a cat at a TV. But lest you think we exaggerate, I offer you the following photos. Jeff put her down and she gravitated toward the TV, completely oblivious to all other stimuli, including Max:And just got closer and closer, until we turned it off before she could get a swipe at the screen:So, in case you're wondering. TV for cats: it really works.

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