Jaynes on trains (not planes)

Part of my graduation present from Jeff was that I wouldn't have to fly anywhere for Christmas. So we are taking a train trip from Santa Barbara to St. Louis. The sights have been everything I had hoped for. We left this on Wednesday: And woke up to this on Thursday:

We booked a little sleeper room. It's been a pretty sweet little space. Jeff and I have bunk beds, and I got the top bunk! There is a little harness, let's call it the Jayne Safety Device, that goes up in front of the top bunk to keep me from rolling out of the bed during sudden lurches. Unfortunately getting the device hooked up is a challenge. The JSD tore a bleeding gash in my finger on my first attempt to set it up. Jeff has helped me with subsequent attempts.
I'm glad we're doing the train trip. It's soothing, it fun, and it's easier to do nothing for hours at a time than we thought it would be. But let me say this. You'll meet a lot of self righteous train riders out there who will tell you that there's a government conspiracy to kill the railroad passenger service. They are full of shit. The train is slow and expensive, an unreliable, inefficient, altogether absurd way to get across the country. There is no need for a conspiracy.
We are currently in Kansas City about to go in search of BBQ until our last leg to St. Louis for Christmas. BBQ review will be forthcoming.

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