The glorious end

And so I graduated from nursing school today. I am really, really tired. I don't particularly enjoy planning or participating in Jayne-oriented ceremonies. (For instance, Jeff's mom planned my entire wedding. I literally bought a dress and showed up. Thank God for that woman.) However, I attended today under peer pressure. And though I begged out of town friends and family not to come, there were three in-town people I knew I couldn't get away with not seeing out in the audience besides Jeff, who was legally obligated to be there. Person number one of three, beloved Linda, normally a recluse, ventured out to hug me and bring me flowers.

Today's pinning ceremony capped three days of intense graduation activities. Thursday morning, after my last night of clinical and a shocking lack of sleep considering I was at home and not at the hospital, I went to our last official meeting of nursing school, the one where the graduating students get up and make speeches to the rest of the students about how we've all struggled and triumphed over adversity and how they, too, will one day triumph. To prepare for this called for a drink at the very least, so we had a little champagne over at Lisa's house, conveniently located across the street from school, before we left to go speak. Here's Fran and Bre in front of Lisa's Christmas tree:We rambled a little but I think it mostly went well. People laughed, people cried. We all learned something about the resilience of the human spirit, etc, etc. The champagne relaxed me enough that I whipped out my phone and took a picture right in the middle of the speeches.Then between Thursday morning and today there was a ten hour shift at work, a glorious Mediterranean feast at Zaytoon with Jeff, and brunch at the beach with the other graduates. Nursing students can drink, man. After the pre-breakfast champagne on Thursday I was pretty much done for the weekend, so at brunch on Friday I ordered coffee and fifteen people looked at me like I had ordered a glass of baby's blood. Everyone else except the pregnant chick had at least two margaritas. Below at the brunch are Karen and Rachel, BFF since high school and absolutely inseparable the last two years:And here are the fourteen of us in our places on the stage for graduation. (I'm fourth from the right.) First the nursing instructors made some speeches, then Fran and Lisa got up and talked for a while, then we got pinned, then all the nursing instructors stood in a line and hugged us. It was fun. Afterwards I snuck out as fast as I could, as spending any more time in the presence of these guys was only going to result in a lot more alcohol, noise, and exhausting socialization and all I really wanted was to have coffee and pie with my Jeff and my two other persons of three, Max and Danielle, of course!

As the pinning ceremony is done and my name is officially listed on the BRN website as a new graduate, it really is officially over and I could probably sleep for a week out of relief, but I have to work tomorrow!

Recently I found a picture that Jewel took of me two years ago, on my very first week of clinical. Ah, how innocent I was…

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