Let the festivities begin

Nursing school effectively ended a few hours ago and I'm still fairly freaked out about it. People at work went all out for the "Yay Jayne Last Night" potluck, bringing sooooo much food and marking the first of a vast array of celebrations between now and Sunday morning.

Above is Lisa and me, looking all official, in our initial post clinical shock phase.

More Last Day pictures, provided by Gina:

And below is me with a typical night crew. The women in the back are Maria and Linda, two of my favorite people on the planet, and in the front is Erika, a most marvellous nurse. The dude is Jorge (otherwise known as the Famous Jorge, the Obnoxious Jorge, the Gourmet Jorge, etc, depending on my mood. One day there will be an entire entry devoted to the freaky phenomenon that is my friend Jorge. Stay tuned.)

When I got home Jeff made me a huge Congratulations banner and took a series of photos of me for posterity in the white cap my sister Anne and my mom got me. But he kept making me laugh so hard I nearly peed:

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