The semi-plague

Jeff eventually got a milder version of Rusty's plague last week and now it has been gifted to me. Nothing too horrible. Just enough to make me want to do nothing but lie around in my fleece pants and watch TV. Two things have enabled me in this regard. First, Phoebe loves it when people in this house are sick because it gives her a warm, unmoving lap to curl up in at all times and it's just so much harder to get up and get moving when you have a cat blissfully asleep on you. Plus, Jeff has been busy writing up some research he's been doing over the year, which means he has his writing outfit on, which happens to consist of a robe and big fluffy socks. It's hard to get motivated when your significant other is wearing a robe and big fluffy socks. And bringing you chai. And in general not allowing you to do anything for yourself. God bless him.

But I'm graduating this Saturday and even though the most important aspect of the graduation is taken care of (what I'm wearing), I still have to actually make it through the last week of internship, and work, and the last of my homework, and some various meetings. I foresee the appearance of comfort food.

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