My brother is a nice person

Rusty has been safely delivered back to Tacoma and I'm sure he's glad to be home, although he was a good enough sport to go out to dinner with Max and Danielle last night and then out with us today for a whirlwind driving tour of Santa Barbara. At least the weather was good. I don't know what's going on in the rest of the country but today in our hood it looked like this: Everyone who comes to this town has to have an obligatory photo taken of them at the top of the courthouse tower. Rusty's came out very well:
Then he asked for photos that would make him look "outdoorsy." He recently shot a deer (on purpose) and it may have been the highlight of his decade. This was the most manly-man shot of him we took:Jeff and I tried to get a Christmas card photo shoot going but it never really got off the ground. So do not expect to see this blurry picture in your mail any time soon:
The Christmas card picture thing is a lot of pressure. We may be sending out good old fashioned "kittens with red red ribbons snuggled under the tree" cards here pretty quick unless there is some kind of Christmas picture miracle in the next two weeks.

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