The hell hole of chaos becomes a happy place

We finally got our act together and got our second bedroom cleaned up. It was bad. Real bad. So in light of my brother coming to stay with us this week we went to it. I was forced to go through my toys, which was a very emotional experience. There will be no more stuffed animals brought into this house ever again because I just get too attached. Anyway, here is the before picture from the door:

And here is the very same room after much sweat and tears. Better, no?

It turned out to be an even better idea than we thought as I will explain in a moment. Rusty came yesterday and we had Thanksgiving at our friend Annie's house. This was our fourth Thanksgiving in a row with Annie and her wonderful pumpkin soup. I tend to stay in town for Thanksgiving because in the nursing business you have to work a certain number of holidays, and it's easy to work Thanksgiving so I can have Christmas off. But not many other friends stay in town. They go home to their families, the freaks. So we end up spending Thanksgiving with a disproportionally large number of non-Americans, since they're not missing any family get togethers by not going home. For instance, I think this is also my second or third Thanksgiving with Julian from Singapore, though we rarely hang out together at other times. In fact, I literally may only see Julian at Thanksgiving. Here's Jeff, Rusty and Julian:

Here's Annie and her boyfriend Dave. This was Dave's response to my instructions to "be cute": But back to the bedroom. Unfortunately Rusty seems to have contracted a plague of some sort and is now spending more time in the newly presentable room than in any other place in California. He let me take his picture, and even poked his head of the covers for a few seconds before he went back into his shell:

We had plans to take him out to dinner with Max and Danielle tonight, but judging from the number of times I've heard him go back and forth from the bedroom to the bathroom, we may have to amend that. I suppose it would make me a bad hostess to go out without him…

1 thought on “The hell hole of chaos becomes a happy place”

  1. Maybe Rusty’s mind realized he actually flew in a plane and his body can’t handle it? Everyone who knows Rusty knows how he hates to fly. I hope he feels better so he can enjoy his vacation and say the flight was worth it. Rusty, of all people, deserves a joyful vacation.


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