Animals and excess in San Diego

We went on a (sort of) impromptu trip to Sea World with Max and Danielle this weekend. We had planned to go many a weekend in the past but something (usually my schedule) always got in the way. But this past Friday morning hit and we realized that, holy crap, we're actually going this time, so we piled into our cars and braved the holiday traffic to San Diego so that we could stay at Max's parents' gorgeous house and Jeff could finally face down his fear of sharks:All the exhibits, minus the Haunted Lighthouse, (which doesn't have any animals in it but that wasn't the problem) were awesome. Besides the Shark Encounter, we also saw a very cute show called Pets Rule! which is exactly what you think it's going to be: rescued cats, dogs, ducks and pigs trained to do nifty little tricks. If you have any cats, your mind will (like mine) be blown by the suggestion of cats trained to do anything. At Wild Arctic, Danielle took this elegant picture of the polar bears: Then, of course, we worshipped at the the temple of Shamu the whale. These people at Sea World take their whales a tad seriously. I'm not saying the whales aren't amazing, but the whole multimedia show, with its inspirational language and Celine Dion-esque music that urges us, nay, commands us to Believe, is over the top. If we had just sat there and watched the whales swim around and play with the trainers, I would have been just as impressed and not had any muscle strain from rolling my eyes. There was no rain, but there was a rainbow, and here's me, Danielle and Max's friends Albert and Chris somewhere under it:
At the gift shops in Sea World they sold plastic pixie stix tubes you could fill up with your choice of flavors. My love of pixie stix is deep. If pixie stix were the same price as heroin I would now be living in a burnt out tenement building after selling everything I own. The tubes came in different sizes so I got the deluxe. Even among all the many wonders of Sea World the 34 inch tube of colored sugar was really something special:

After Sea World,we went to BJ's, where Max, Chris and Albert ordered the eight glass beer taster assortment. It's an impressive array of beers. Here's Max and Chris before:

And here's Max and Chris after:

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