May I offer you a drink?

Yesterday at the ass crack of dawn I took the exit exam for nursing school and did surprisingly well. Being a good test taker is perhaps one of the greatest advantages a person can have in life, right up there with athletic ability and trust funds. (One outta three ain't bad…) Perfectly talented, deserving nursing students failed it and I have no explanation for why.

So, of course, some of us went out for drinks afterward because by then it was noon so it was perfectly respectable to be drinking. Since this was our last collective test, it was also our last "after test" drinks/lunch get together. I'm really going to miss it.

I didn't write much about my pediatrics rotation because, frankly, it was a little depressing. I had a teenager in the pediatric ICU who was in a (probably permanent) coma after a football injury, a little boy who'd been hit by a truck and dragged, a couple of babies whose moms had that crack whore look…you get the idea. The nurses were great and my whole experience was great but I mean this from the bottom of my heart: fuck pediatrics.

So my regular clinical rotations are done, my end of school project is done, and the big bad test is done. All that is left is my internship and the N-CLEX. For the next five weeks I will be on the floor I have been working on for the last four years only now I will be pretending to be a nurse. Hilarity will ensue.

Yesterday before I left for the test I came downstairs and found the kitten molesting my jack o'lantern:

Cats and friends are wonderful. Jeff, Danielle and Max have kept me on a very strict TV/movie/dinner schedule. So for whatever sanity I have left I owe them directly.

4 thoughts on “May I offer you a drink?”

  1. Congratulations Jayne! What a milestone you have accomplished. Marty and I are very happy for you. Pretend to be a nurse? Don’t worry, you have a great head on your shoulders that contains a great mind. You’ll be awesome.If stressed, you can vent or dump on me. We can compare notes on the nursing of humans with the nursing of cats and dogs. Veins are veins, there are moody patients, time consuming patients, times of joy and sorrow…doesn’t matter if they are human or animal, it’s all nursing care.Was Phoebe laughing at Crick during his pumpkin molestation?Love you Jayne! Hi to Jeff, hugs to Phoebe and Crick.


  2. Hi Jane,I am not a good test taker and do not have a trust fun, but I do have athletic ability. I enjoyed your blog. I was cruzing my web stats and decided to see who linked to me. My mom, aunt and grandmother were all nurses. Good luck to you. I hope you find more to do than drinks and tv. However I do love the movies. I saw Babel this weekend. It had the Spanish cinema type of poignancy.Callie Bowdish


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