Jeff is alive

For everyone who was worried that Jeff was lying in a ditch somewhere with no money, I'm happy to report that he made his connecting flight last night! So I got to take him home and put him into pajamas before I went to work. He also brought back highly amusing photographic documentation of his trip. The pictures start out tame and even wholesome but as the whiskey flowed, the photos progressed accordingly. This is Juice, his lovely wife Amy, and Rhett at a football game (Purdue lost):And here is Juice's super cute son Matthew, aka The Boy. I know it's only gonna get worse as the years go on, but I just can't get over the fact that people have kids:
Jeff went to a Halloween party at a bar in Chicago, the very same bar that would eventually take his wallet. At said bar, the pictures begin to look like this (Yes, that's Juice as a pope):

And then, predictably, like this: Jeff went as the Highlander, by the way. Not a highlander, but The Highlander. He was good enough to pose for me last week before he left. He had to check the sword, of course:Knowing his college friends as he does, he knew they'd want to know what was under his kilt. So he made sure they wouldn't be disappointed:

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