Have you seen this man?

To the surprise of no one, Jeff (pictured here locked in a staring contest with a monkey) is in the midst of getting fucked by America West. From a long chain of text messages, I have ascertained that his flight was delayed due to mechanical/stupidity issues and that he's currently running about three hours behind, which means he may or may not make the last connecting flight to Santa Barbara from Phoenix. If he does not make that flight, he may be able to make a flight to LAX, but I would have to drive down to get him, which would make my second trip to L.A. in three days (long story).

Why would I have to go get him? Because one of the text messages I got from him in the last sixteen hours stated that he lost his wallet somewhere in a bar in Chicago in the middle of the night. He had a copy of his passport with him so getting on the plane (once they had a working plane) was no problem. But he has no money now and so the delay means that he is one sad, hungry Jeff who is no longer in a position to win a battle of wills with a monkey or anyone else.

The good news is, I think he was having a great time until the wallet thing.

We hate America West. I don't know if things will get better for them in a couple of years after kinks with the merger are all ironed out, but right now they suck, and not just because they won't give me my husband back! Individual people you meet at the airline seem very nice, but as an organization they are slightly less efficient at getting things done than the Democratic Party. (And hence I have governor named Schwarzenegger, but that's a different rant…)

2 thoughts on “Have you seen this man?”

  1. Ack! That is awful! Let Danielle or I know if there is anything we can do to help! And, you know you need to blog the resolution of this ASAP, right?!


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