You probably won ‘ t die here

It took me a few days, but I finally found some changing leaves. They were all alone in a shady hedge.

I had a whole day off Thursday! No work, so school, no nothing. Besides TV with Jeff and visiting my beloved beach, I read the last Lemony Snicket book, appropriately titled The End. Jeff hasn't finished it yet, so I won't say anything about the resolution except that it's ambiguous, a phrase which here means "leaves as many unanswered questions as the average Lost episode and also takes place on an improbably well stocked island to boot." Even with its ambiguity, however, the ending was strangely satisfying in a way that Lost never, ever is.

We have a nurse at work who is deeply into decorating the nurse's station for the holidays. It's almost always over the top and yet it never fazes me except perhaps around this time of year. The Halloween images are always strangely startling when integrated into our usual functional decor, creating pockets of surreality like this:

But it gets weirder. I always try to remember that there are people out there who have the same kind of phobia about hospitals that I have about airplanes, and perhaps as such are looking for omens all over the place. If I saw this hanging up outside of the cockpit I would completely freak out:

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