Drama, or whatever

As I have not the sunniest, sweetest temperament the world has ever known, I sometimes have to be reminded that friends and family really can be a good thing. They ply you with wine and caffeinated coffee, they take you to the movies and they rail at your injustices as if they were their own. It's very sweet and I've been grateful for it in the last few days.

Nothing is resolved at school but after talking to my advisor, I have a teensy bit more hope that all will be, if not well, then at least not death itself. I can be a little dramatic at times (it's a good thing I can't hear all the sarcastic snorts out there), and sometimes I lose perspective, especially with the wax and wane of hormones. So, at the very worst, if my clinical instructor decides to hold me back in Oncology for what can only be described as her own perverse reasons, I would have to go back to school next semester for a few weeks and start working as an RN in March instead of January. Bummer, but I would live. It's just that the official End Of School and its subsequent trip to Maui with the goyles has been the light at the end of the tunnel for some years now and it had never burned so bright as these last few weeks. So I'm still gonna hope for the best in the next week until the final decision is made.

Meanwhile, after renting Gangs of New York last week and vowing never to sit through another Scorsese film(in that order), I was somehow talked into The Departed today and it absolutely rocked. I loved it. Smart, funny, suspenseful and heart breaking, and did I mention that I despise Scorsese? The only way I knew it was a Scorsese flick was by the body count. Go see it and then go drink and try to forget that Gangs of New York ever existed.

There are hardly any sick people at the hospital this weekend, so I'm going to work tonight mostly to socialize and study. I hope I haven't just jinxed us by writing that sentence.

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