Max and Danielle do the deed

As of approximately noon yesterday, Max and Danielle are now officially a resource-sharing-in-exchange-for-sexual-exclusivity unit! (That joke was entirely for the evolutionary psychologists. For everyone else, they are a really cute bride and groom.)The ceremony was performed by our friend Aaron, the recently be-doctored, pictured below with his inexplicably hot girlfriend Elsa. (Aaron's not hideous or anything, as you can see. He's just not as hot as Elsa. Trust me, he agrees.)Aaron was a temporarily official officiant. Apparently you can pay some money and fill out a form for the state and in return the state will imbue you with the power, for a single day, to marry people. It was nice to see Aaron using his powers for good instead of evil for once. He was sweet, funny and even eloquent. The wedding also gave us a chance to meet up with lesser seen friends like our Annie and Dave:

Drunk friends (Jessica, who also loves me when she's sober):Friends dressed like gangsters, in this case Zach and Joel: And highly suspicious looking friends a la Aaron Luke:
The wedding was also attended by the Tooby-Cosmides family, made up of John, Leda and their daughter Nike. (Yes, Nike. It's okay, Leda's Greek. And honestly once you meet Nike, you realize she is absolutely a Nike.) John and Leda are the center of the center at the university that promotes evolutionary science. They are highly esteemed by scientists the world over and dearly loved by the grad students and it says a lot about Max and Danielle that John and Leda think so much of them. We, and as far as we could tell, everyone else had a great time both at the wedding and at the hanging out in Irvine that occurred afterward. The venue was was elegant, the food delicious, and both the liquor and the conversation flowed. I've never been to the wedding of two friends that I love equally well, attended also by large amounts of friends that I would be happy hanging out with anyway. It's a whole different experience. Now I want them all to get married because it was so fun.

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