Two days, six hours of sleep

I've actually transcended drowsiness into some new sublime space where everything seems either really funny or totally profound.

After yesterday in critical care, where I spent seven hours helping to maintain life support on a patient that clearly was not going to make it, I fell asleep for an hour and a half on the couch of happiness and then got up to go to a friend's house with Jeff for drinks and snacks. (But isn't it a bad time to drink, you say, when you haven't slept very much? It's the perfect time to drink. Alcohol is way more efficient on no sleep. Best glass of wine I've had in my life.) At nine pm I left what looked to be a promising evening of socializing with the friends to go back to the hospital. I had been assured that work was very busy, that they needed me desperately, that the whole building would collapse and that space and time as we understand them would no longer exist unless I came in. This was not the case, of course. Work was quiet and we had plenty of help. When I got home this morning Jeff made the disastrous move of telling me his night was indeed a blast after I left and it's taken me a good hour to forgive him for continuing to have a wonderful time without me. This is the disadvantage of being married to a healthy, well adjusted person.

Now, I must sleep.

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