Anarchy and sunshine

So we saw Little Miss Sunshine yesterday and loved it. Give me dysfunctional family drama with an adorable little girl and a wicked soundtrack and I'm in heaven. And it was better than Snakes On A Plane.

Last weekend I went to Danielle's bridal shower at her aunt's house in Burbank, where I had the best tiramasu I have ever tasted. I may have to stop eating tiramasu out of respect. We ate, we chatted, we laughed, we watched D open all her gifts and some of us were even lucky enough to get our hair braided by her mom:I adore Danielle's hyperactive mom Mia. It got me thinking about how much I adore friends' moms in general, and how easy it is to love moms when they aren't responsible for your crappy childhood. For instance I met Max's mom Henny (and if I'm not spelling it right I hope somebody tells me) for the first time at the shower and she was also quite lovely. Here is a picture of Danielle, Henny and Max's sister Annie laughing their evil laugh over their plans for world domination….….before they realized they were being watched and should probably just smile nice for the camera:

And though I studied cardiology for hours this weekend, those hours were not nearly as well spent as the two that I blew playing Anarchy on Friday night at the coffee house. Yeah, that's us on a Friday night, baby. Hellraisers, we! I freakishy won at cards yet again, and I'm starting to worry that I'm using up all the good karma I might have banked thus far in life by taking care of the sick people. This is not good.

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