Don ‘ t be Doris

Clint the Charge Nurse, shown here, is finally speaking to me as if I know what I'm doing again. We've had an insane week at the hospital, but Clint kept the morale up as best he could. Around two in the morning a nurse from another floor, let's call her "Doris," came to us to borrow something. I've only worked with Doris a few nights over the years, but one of those nights is the only night I ever came home from this job crying, and it's currently the untopped Worst Night In My Career.

It was about two years ago when I was working as a nursing assistant. Doris was taking care of a patient who had just arrived that evening from ICU. He was completely alert and aware of his surroundings, as well as being a very sweet man, but he was very sick. In fact, over the course of the night he soaked the linen of his bed straight through with a variety of body fluids. Doris and I went in together to change his sheets and each time we did, Doris complained. She said nothing specifically in reference to that particular patient, but she did bitch and make it very loudly known that she was not enjoying her job. I cringed and got angrier and angrier, but didn't say anything to her, which I will regret for the rest of my life. The patient said nothing, just smiled and weakly attempted to make hoarse conversation. Sometime around dawn he stopped breathing, and the code team couldn't revive him.

That was back in the days when I thought I had to be nice to everybody all the time. (I got over it.) I feel horrible that I didn't say anything to Doris back then and I feel horrible that in the final hours of this guy's life he got to listen to Doris' bullshit. So now when I encounter Doris, like last night when she came to borrow stuff from us, all I can do is give her an icy stare. I noticed Clint giving her the same iciness. It turns out Clint has his own private reasons for hating Doris, and he didn't feel the need to share them. But after she left Clint said to me, "Hate is a bad thing. I understand that. But I hate that woman. She makes horrible words come out of my mouth. Words I never use under normal circumstances, like douche bag."

If I had to sum up my life goal for the next thirty years it would be Don't be Doris!!! Most nurses aren't, thank goodness.

My week is over and Knick-Knack is meowing at me that it's time for me and my bloodshot eyes to
hit the bed. You work hard all night and this is what you have to come home to:

Addendum: Jeff just read this and thinks I should point out that I meant the above statement as a good thing. So I will be more explicit. What I have to come home to is an adorable, fuzzy cat being held by an adorable, fuzzy husband to welcome me into the bosom of my soft bed.

1 thought on “Don ‘ t be Doris”

  1. I can’t believe a person can be taking care of patients and have the nerve to say what she did in front of the patient. God has his eye on her. I only wish she realized that some of the last words that patient had heard were hers! Some times we have to learn the hard way when to speak up and when to shut up! I would have been fuming also! She needs to be spoken to though! That should never be left unaddressed. When the time is right you will let her know that it terribly upset you! Love your site! Good job! XXXXOOOO MO


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