Long tall weekend photos

We're home now for a while. (At least, I am. Jeff may have to do some traveling as the Official Niehaus Representative this fall, but I'm staying put!) We did eventually hook up with my sister Lisa this weekend a few times. One of those times was at one of her (three?) jobs, at the state fair.
I don't know what other state's fairs are like, but California's is huge and yet just a tad cheesy. (If California's fair is cheesy, what's Oklahoma's state fair like??) Yet I've always kinda liked it. Where else can you go to see such wonders as a giant Batman made entirely of Legos? Or a newborn baby sheep and her mom snuggling:Here's a picture Jeff took from the top of the Le Grande Wheel,"the largest portable ferris wheel in the western hemisphere," as we were reminded eighty times while we stood in line for it:Forgive me for the following photo, but this may be the closest I've ever gotten to a real cow and I was blown away by how enormous these things are:
So, anyway, besides going to the fair, we hung out with my sisters and their respective spouses/children at a variety of restaurants in the greater Sacramento area. Here's Annie:

Here's Janet's son Anthony of the very long, thick hair. I actually have two nephews named Anthony. You'd think there'd be a rule about siblings naming their children the same name, but I guess not in Tetloff family:
The crew and us, minus Bryan and Heidi, who are currently too busy being in their twenties to hang out with us: Monday, after almost recovering from the seven hour drive home, I met the nursing students in Solvang for the second annual pre-semester lunch/freak out. Solvang, for the uninitiated, is a replica of an old Danish town. There are two kinds of people in this world: people who think Solvang is cute and people who think Solvang is scary as hell. I guess I fall on the cute side of the debate but I can definitely see the scary as hell angle:
Here is the newly got-engaged-in-Italy Lisa showing off her rock:
And here we are, trying our best to not show the horrible dread we're feeling about going back to school.

Finally here is Jeff with Janet's kitten. This has no relevance to anything. It's just further proof that all small children and kittens in the world are magically drawn to Jeff for some reason.

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