Snakes on a plane and spiders in a bedroom

First, Snakes On a Plane may be the worst movie ever, ever made, ever. I originally sat down to catalogue and analyze all the ways in which it just truly sucked, but I'm overwhelmed. To fully convey its badness I'd have to write you a sixty page document with footnotes. There were just so many levels on which it was horrible. The plot? Nonsensical! The characters? It's like the writer sat down and decided to write a movie peopled entirely with cliches. The special effects? Hilarious! I mean, by all means, go see it, especially if you have the opportunity to smoke up first. ( Which, alas, is what we should have done.)

Anyway, after a very slow Wednesday night at work that we mostly passed by pushing eachother around the nurses' station in rolling chairs, we drove up to Sacramento to stay with my sister Janet for a couple days. I finally got a good shot of the famous sign on I-5 (at least among me and people who know me in California). It's good to know that the prison on my namesake street is a pleasant one:

My neice Heidi was good enough to give up her room for us. We share the room, however, with Heidi's roommate, Boris the Spider. I would just like to say that this is a tremendous step for me as a person, to calmly sleep in the same room with a giant spider, even though he's in a tank and every time I pass it I check to make sure he is, in fact, still in there. So far so good. Here's a (blurry) picture of him with Heidi. She offered him to me to hold but I declined:
He does seem, as Heidi claims, a very sweet tempered spider. We have visited with my sister Janet, who so far refuses to be photographed in a bit of Garbo-esque drama, and my nephew Anthony. We have not seen Heidi's mother, my sister Lisa. Many people claim to be workaholics, but they are nothing compared to Lisa. Lisa works like she owes the mafia money, which I know is not true. She just really, really, likes working, to the exclusion of sleep and food. It's a pretty weird variant in the Tetloff genetic make up. But we've been promised Lisa tomorrow!

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