New beach shack graffiti

The undergrads are filtering back into Isla Vista, but I doubt these were done by any of them.

So my mouth has been hurting and I've been in a very bad mood all weekend at work. Lately my job has mostly consisted of sitting in front of six screens like these and staring at all the wavy lines to discern subtle and not so subtle changes in the patients' heart rhythms, sometimes for ten hours at a time. Nurses walk by and ask me incredulously "How do you do this?" The answer is that it requires a deep and abiding love of sitting down. Plus you have to be abe to just space out for long periods of time while still basically keeping your eyes engaged. When I see something really bad my job is to get the nurses' attention and make them go check on the patient right away. This weekend I was a little less civil about getting their attention than I usually am, but hopefully they'll forget about this by next week.
Today my mouth is feeling better. Jeff and I are trying to clean, but mostly we're watching Animal Planet…

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