Missouri was good to us

We spent Monday driving around southern Missouri looking for the elephant rocks in the park that is named for them. They were not hard to find since they were, as you can see, quite large.

The park was quite neat. It used to be a granite quarry and there were still buildings lying around there with the original masonry. Its pattern was hypnotic.
After that we went to Johnson's Shut-ins, which is a beautiful river, especially if you don't know what it looked like last year before a dam broke and flooded it with a billion gallons of water, making it unswimmable. I knew all about the disaster and had never seen the river before so I found it lovely. But as we walked along the river we encountered very angry looking people in swimsuits who obviously HAD known the river in its former glory and perhaps had not gotten the memo, or were still hoping for the best.

But all this pales in comparison to my real news. I beat Bob, Marlo, and Jeff Niehaus at cards. Yes, that's right. First I beat them twice at blitz, then pass the trash. Okay, so those are easy games. But then Jeff gets this look in his eyes and says "Let's play euchre."
I agreed warily, knowing my winning streak was about to come to an end. But I played. And won. At euchre. Yes, my partner was Dad Niehaus, but everyone agrees that I did more than my fair share to contribute to to the brutal humiliation of Mom Niehaus and Jeff. (Then of course we played oh hell and I got the lowest score. But still. )

Now, through the magic of drugs and alcohol, I have had a day of good flights and am ready to go off to my own little bed at home in California

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