Motivated people are annoying

In order to graduate from nursing school this coming semester I have to write a paper and give a presentation with a partner. My partner, Barbara, was assigned to me at the end of last semester and just before we broke for the summer she said to me, "Let's get together over the summer and get the paper and presentation all done before fall so we don't have to worry about it."

"Oh sure, " I said, inwardly snickering to myself, "That's a great idea. I'm totally gonna do that."

Evidently Barbara doesn't pick up on sarcasm. She continued to call me over the summer just to ask me how my paper was going. This past weekend when I realized she wasn't kidding about this I finally just wrote the damn thing. There was no joy in it and I was muttering under my breath the whole time. Barbara needs a hobby. She already has two kids, a full time job and room full of bowling trophies but she's apparently still not keeping busy enough because she's been studying all summer on top of everything else.

(I would like to shout out a late Happy Birthday to Stephanie Tetloff. Happy Birthday!! I don't know how old you are this year but you don't age anyway so I guess it doesn't matter.)

1 thought on “Motivated people are annoying”

  1. Hi Jayne,Thank you for the birthday wishes. You don’t know my age? I always thought you did. Today; the day after my birthday, was my first day at being 49 years old.


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